What began to develop in 2022 was a sad fate that was inevitable. Lemme tell you, I had never felt so free and yet so suicidal ever in my life! But the biggest question is..

What caused it?

My best guess was from overworking myself and also a sudden resurgence of repressed memories! But what makes it so strange was that I was already aware of these past memories but for some odd reason they impacted me more! Strange.. Or because of what had intially triggered it was even more revealing of the past! So now we know that realism is the killer.. COOL!!

Back to what I was saying..

Anyway, after being depressed and hyper I "cooled" down for a bit. But this cool off was still filled with eratic behavior so maybe those are just side effects.. hehe haha eheh.. And you can already guess what it was! Yes, it was apathy friends. I hate having apathy, I really do. As classes begun once more as it does I was far from being prepared!! So? My mind's coping mechanism is to just have apathy I guess. But what killed me was my GPA decrease!! I would reveal what it was before but for some odd reason I feel like I can't do it anymore because my mind is telling me I shouldn't because it will put me in danger. thanks mind.